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A day in our school life

Our campus is lush green with lot of coconut trees and we students used their shades often. It's peaceful environment is excellent, which the other school's miss very much. 

A day in the School starts with the morning bell at 09.15 IST (+0530 GMT). While the students who come by school buses have reached. The other students who come by private conveyances are standing outside the school gate for being late. These students are in fact very lucky guys i.e., they don't want to stand in the hot sun in the assembly hearing that foolish NEWS read by a crack who takes the NEWS from the dailies and edits it to suit his standard i.e., old wine in new bottle.

After the assembly is over the students line up and go to their respective classes. But there is a problem for those students who do not bother to wear the proper uniform as they will be "caught" by the "prefects" who stand like a watch dog in the way. But there are some guys like us who leak thru that rush to the "water cooler area" and come to the class after the area is out of danger. Later we get into the class, mostly the teacher asks us "why are you late?" the answer would be "the buses are late, so we are also late". So the teacher uses her brain and asks another question to nail us again, "Why couldn't you have boarded in an earlier bus?". Ha Ha... we guys are more brilliant than teachers and we answer "The bus didn't stop at our bus stop". Okay fine, the teacher feel mercy on us and say the same old phrase "Never repeat it again".

The next major event takes place after three hours when we are allowed an interval of 10mts. During those 10mts when we throw the duster (mainly used for wiping the blackboard) to our classmates face, mainly boys accidentally girls. Naturally some wise guy among us will throw the duster out of the window and will waste some time finding the duster for the next hour. Now we are again taken to the world of studies for two hours.

 The most wanted hour is the lunch hour, which starts with a prayer that will be shouted thru the mic by the nightingales of our school. The rule states that you should have your lunch only after chanting the prayer, but most of them would have finished their lunch before the luncheon interval. Normally most of them go to the shades of the Mango tree which is no more now, since the kindergarten dept was built there. Those who didn't bring their lunch either go to Kuppu swami's (Annachi) canteen to eat those delicious foods or they go to the Poochatty Junction and have snacks and Juice.

During the S.U.P.W.( Some Useful Productive Work) hour, we students are supposed to create some articles relating art. But most of the students called it Some Useful Period Wasted and plead our teacher to allow us to go to the playground.
Our play ground. Our playground.

The playground mostly will be an ocean during the monsoon. We still play there making ourselves sliding in the dirty water because it's slippery. There were some of our friends who made this a habit and make this an opportunity to skip the class, and at last end up in getting thrashings.

 At the end of the day when the National Anthem is been sung there is a sigh of relief and an urgency to reach the bus stop as fast as one can. There we have Juice, Salted Mango, Water Melon etc. We board the bus, reach home and forget the rest.

 Please Note.....

 This has been our experience in school, but would like to say that it was golden era of our life. All those incidents are still memorable and we still want to experience it now, but not possible. We take this opportunity to thank all our teachers of our prestigious school. There are lots and lots of memories of our school days which cannot be put in the NET.