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School Conveyance

School buses are available for conveying students to and from various important points within the town. However, this facility cannot be claimed by any student as a matter of right and the facility has to be renewed annually.


No student who has less than 80% attendance to his/her credit in a particular academic year shall be considered for promotion. Unauthorized absence for a period of 30 days will result in removal of the pupil's name from the rolls without any intimation to the parent. Long absence may be condoned at the discretion of the School Management.

The School Assembly

The morning session begins with the assembly which all the students and staff members are expected to join. After the prayer, pledge taking and short speeches by students, members of staff, the regular classes for the day start. During the assembly, the students have to observe proper decorum and solemnity befitting the occasion.

Test and Examination

The following terms and examinations will be held in an academic year:

Unit Test - 2

Terminal Exams - 3.

Co-Curricular Activities

Adequate emphasis has been given to non-scholastic activities as envisaged in our National Education Policy so that the children are offered ample opportunities to pursue their aptitude, develop their creative talents and thus evolve a wholesome personality.

They are classified as:

1) Physical

i) Drill, March Past & P.T ii) Games & Sports iii) Yoga.

2) Fine Arts

i) Music, ii) Dance, iii) Drawing & Painting

3) Clubs

1) Literary Club, Library Club, Science Club, Arts Club, Dramatic Club, Yoga Club, Nature Club.

4) Culture Courses

5)Work Experience

i) Book Binding, ii) Commercial Art, iii) Cooking, iv) Gardening, v) Photo framing, vi) Computer Science, vii) Electrical & Electronics.

6) Library

We have a full-fledged library with good library books comprising titles in all subjects as also for general reading to inculcate reading habit in students. English & Malayalam newspapers and good magazines and periodicals are also provided.

Hostel facilities are provided for girls & boys.

Men's Hostel Ladies Hostel

Men's Hostel.

Ladies Hostel.

For any other information Contact:

Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidya Mandir,
P.O. Eravimangalam,
Kerala State. Zip : 680 751

Telephone Numbers

School : 00-91-487-370251
School : 00-91-487-331299
Hostel : 00-91-487-371246
Fax : 00-91-487-335687